The FIA Finally Respond to Hamilton-Jewellery Drama

Ever considering that the FIA exposed their intents of implementing the policy regarding not using jewelry while competing in F1, some really feel that this is being done to particularly target as well as annoyLewis Hamilton FIA head of state Mohammed ben Sulayem has actually currently offered the FIA’s side of the tale to The Mail

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Is FIA Targeting Lewis Hamilton With Sudden Jewellery Ban Enforcement?

Ben Sulayem started by replying to whether they are particularly targetingHamilton

“People claim I did what Lewis as well as Toto desired by getting rid ofMichael Masi I indicate, I do that for them and after that I have it in for them– it does not make good sense”.

He after that really hoped that Lewis would certainly comply with the guidelines as well as established an instance.

” I would certainly such as Lewis to be a good example, an ambassador, to send out the best message to all the young chauffeurs to avoid a disaster”.

Another factor of opinion concerning this issue is the reality that this policy hasn’t been implemented formerly.

Ben Sulayem replied to that following.

“People claim [the rules] have not been applied prior to. Don’ t ask me why not. People can ask the old program why that holds true”.

Lewis has actually formerly mentioned that he has no intents of eliminating his jewelry.

Ben Sulayem resolved this following together with the fine that would relate to summarize his words.

“That’s approximately him. There are penalties that use. It’s like if a person rates when traveling– you can not quit them doing it yet they obtain fined, also if it was unintentional”.

‘You can not allow individuals off due to the fact that they are your buddies. There needs to be one policy for all, which’s that”.

Fast Feed

McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo mentioned that track problems in Miami “advised [him] of the ground near [his] ranch in Australia, keeping that loosened crushed rock”[Formula Passion]

“It’s good for off-road, yet these Pirelli tires are not effectively matched to this loosened asphalt”.

IndyCar chauffeur Colton Herta has actually exposed that Formula 1 “is a severe passion of [his]”[F1 Nation Podcast]

“Obviously time is vital to that, so it’s mosting likely to be really crucial to do a great task in the examination as well as ideally open up some doors”.

“If this does not cause anything with McLaren, it obtains individuals speaking a little. Maybe it will certainly open up a door if I can go fast sufficient in the auto”.

Red Bull group principal Christian Horner really feels that they “can constantly boost almost everywhere”[F1]

“We require to boost the slow-moving [corner] things, we require to shed a number of kilos off the auto”.

“Tyre deg is after that the outcome of weight so it’s all those little step-by-step gains that you’re constantly going after”.

Mercedes group principal Toto Wolff discussed that they “have not had this scenario prior to in any one of the years”[F1]

“Where it simply really did not associate whatsoever with what we see on our displays, with what the chauffeur really feels”.

“That’s making it a lot more challenging”.

Do you concur with the FIA’s suppression on using jewelry in F1?

20 thoughts on “The FIA Finally Respond to Hamilton-Jewellery Drama”

    1. @Theodore Littlejohn
      Fair play but Track and field isnt a contact sport. And there shouldnt start anything burning suddenly. There is something wrong if it does.
      They could maybe impale themselves or stumble and get a leg wrapped around their neck but i cant imagine any jewelery would kill them maybe get stuck somewhere in the skin.
      Btw my bed makes my wife or me self.
      Depends if im working early or late shift.

  1. They have the right to clamp down on Hamilton and I hope they don’t back off. Hamilton is looking more like a colorful drag queen than an F1 driver and he’s blond therapist (always in tow) makes it look like a clown show?
    Hamilton is turning himself into a walking billboard for those who pay him to wear their junk. In all honestly, Hamilton knows his driving days are over and he can’t stand the media turning their attention to the better drivers.
    Mercedes should step in and stop the drama before he ruins their team.

  2. How is the FIA targeting Lewis?????
    Did they know he wouldn’t abide by the rules, did they know he needs “minor” surgery for his nose ring? Which is a load of bill s#%t by the way. Rules is rules if they’ve not been imposed before but are now least the FIA are following them. We wanted track limit consistency…. FIA looked at rule book…. It’s the white lines, done.
    Your not special because you have a few championships under your belt if anything your gonna be held to the highest level as an example for good. Put your dummy away Lewis your really going down hill mate and it’s painful to watch as an ex fan boy.

  3. It is ONLY being done to antagonize Hamilton. They stole the world drivers title from him and orchestrated Max’s win. They had to remove Masi, they didn’t do it to support Hamilton or Totto. They did it because it was cheating!
    Fo some reason, possibly because Hamilton got too big, the FIA is gunning of Hamilton!

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